The Savage Society is an exclusive online powerlifting club created by The StrongHouse Project staff. It is a place for serious lifters to come together and share ideas and experiences. Membership is very exclusive and by application only. Click here to request an application by email. Membership includes the following:

-50% off all StrongHouse gear and apparel

-Exclusive access to the Savage Society private Facebook page

-A 10% off code to give to your followers

-Exposure to our 18K+ collective following

-5 free day passes to our gym in Las Vegas a year

This isn't some cheesy "ambassador program". This is a club for serious lifters and our way of giving back to the community that built us. It's our opportunity to give competitive lifters the best gear in the game for ridiculous prices and to bring everyone in our sport together to learn and feed off of each other. Thank you guys for the continued support.