What is Stronghouse Project’s “Blueprint”? Blueprint is not some cheap cookie cutter program, but rather a series of principles and proven training philosophies to provide an individualized program specifically for YOU! The first step will be a detailed questionnaire, so that you AND the Blueprint team can decide what the best possible approach will be! Here at Stronghouse Project we vowed to never take an easy way out to make more money and we plan to bring that same level of customer service to our programming!

How is Blueprint different? Without giving our competitors too much insight, Blueprint will provide a unique and unmatched level of communication between the lifter and the coach. Making any updates or changes will be updated almost instantaneously!

Why is Blueprint so affordable if it is so superior? Our original mission statement was to provide quality products for something lifters can afford, and that has not changed! Plus with all the money you save on programming you’ll be able to pick up some new SHP Gear!

Who is team Blueprint? Team Blueprint founders Scott Miller (Co-Owner of SHP) and Christian Williams (SHP’s 75kg Athlete) are two young minds who refuse to settle for anything but perfection. With their constant desire to always improve, your programming will always incorporate leading edge developments to ensure maximum progress!

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