Blueprint Online is a coaching service founded on the same idea as StrongHouse Project: to provide lifters with the resources to improve in the sport of powerlifting. We use a hands-on approach to online training, where our coaches use lifter feedback to ensure the most amount of progress as possible. Every athlete is given a preliminary questionnaire that gives our coaches insight to what the athlete's needs are. Using a team review process, we ensure that our athletes are on track to their goals through training logs and constant interaction. It has become our mission to promote a culture of constant improvement within Team Blueprint.

Blueprint Online also offers reusable templates for those interested in programming only, without the personal touch of working directly with our coaches.

Off Season programming is designed to be used coming off a meet prep, allowing one to ease off the pressures of peaking. This program is ideal for those looking for a lower frequency, and can be used while attempting to diet or cut weight. A reduced max (95% of competition numbers) should be used.

Size & Strength programming is an aggressive approach used to combine two important aspects of progress in powerlifting. This program is an aggressive program that should be used with the intention of getting bigger an stronger. Cutting weight is not recommended on this program, and a conservative 'training max' (95% of goal weight) should be used.

Powerlifting Meet Prep programming covers different phases allowing for a peak or test at the completion of the cycle. The program has a wave-like structure, allowing for deloads to be incorporated to prevent injury and plateaus. Please keep in mind that this program should be started 13 weeks away from a meet, where the test of the program is on the 13th week.

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