Team StrongHouse


      SHP Athlete Mark Miller


        Iron Cred: 

        Hometown: Mt. Vernon, Kentucky

        Gym: Four Brothers Gym



      SHP Athlete Domenick Minnici


        Iron Cred: 2,182lbs @ SHW 

        Hometown: Massapequa, New York

        Gym: Hybrid Strength




      SHP Athlete Kevin McHugh


        Iron Cred: 2,170lbs @ SHW

        Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

        Gym: Chicago Fit Life




      SHP Athlete Aaron Palko


        Iron Cred: 2,125lbs @ 236lbs

        Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio

        Gym: Lexen Xtreme




      SHP Athlete Dillon Smith


        Iron Cred: 

        Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

        Gym: The StrongHouse 


      SHP Athlete Nick Ramey


        Iron Cred: 1,900lbs @ 200lbs

        Hometown: Fayetteville, AR

        Gym: Ozark Iron




      SHP Athlete Chris Williams


        Iron Cred: 1,306lbs @ 165lbs

        Hometown: Whittier, California

        Gym: La Fitness



      SHP Athlete John Petruzzi


        Iron Cred: 1880lbs @ 220lbs

        Powerlifter and bodybuilder

        Hometown: Wauconda, Illinois 

        Gym: Bystol Performance Center


      SHP Athlete Scott Miller


        Iron Cred: 1240lbs @ 181lb

        Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

        Gym: The StrongHouse




      SHP Athlete Elliott Shults


        Iron Cred: 1807lbs @ 217lbs

        Hometown: Barrien Springs, MI

        Gym: The StrongHouse




      SHP Athlete David Lomeli


        Iron Cred: 1,818lbs @ 198lbs

        Hometown: La Habra, California

        Gym: La Fitness


      SHP Athlete Mark Slivinski


        Iron Cred: 1,950lbs @ 220lbs

        Hometown: St. Peters, Missouri

        Gym: Powerbody USA



      SHP Athlete Pete Pele


        Iron Cred: 1647lbs @ 308lbs

        Hometown: Vallejo, CA

        Gym: The StrongHouse



      SHP Athlete Heather Ashworth


        Iron Cred: 1,002lbs @ 165lbs

        Hometown: Mt. Vernon, Kentucky

        Gym: Press Fitness



     SHP Athlete Drew Legget


        Iron Cred: 1554lbs @ 198lbs Jr.

        Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

        Gym: Zoo Culture




      SHP Athlete Tanner McBride


        Iron Cred: 1,340lbs @ 195lbs

        Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

        Gym: The StrongHouse




      SHP Athlete Cole Curtiss


        Iron Cred: 1,734lbs @ 275lbs

        Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

        Gym: The StrongHouse




      SHP Athlete Will Shearer


        Iron Cred: 1,124lbs @ 160lbs

        Hometown: Orange County, CA

        Gym: The StrongHouse



      SHP Athlete Michelle Maier


        Iron Cred: 859lbs @ 181lbs

        Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin

        Gym: The StrongHouse




     SHP Athlete Shana Miller


        Iron Cred: 


        Gym: Four Brothers Gym